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Learn from History

Is there a message in history? It all depends. If history is simply a chronology of random events, where kingdoms rise and fall according to ever-changing political trends, there are few lessons to gain from studying it. But history is an unfolding drama. It is a story written long ago by an author and fulfilled according to an actual script. Because of this, there are lessons to learn from each chapter.  

      History is anything but random.  Though it plays itself out in the material world, there are spiritual forces at work which drive it in various directions.  Good and Evil are not just concepts – they represent real armies which battle each other through every epoch of the human story.  

     By examining key narratives from sacred Jewish texts, we can discover the meaning of history and apply its lessons to every chapter of our own life story. Would you like to join me on this journey?

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Cancer Survivor. 

Having spent 18 years in Europe and the Middle East, Christopher Crossan’s pursuit in understanding ancient human history has yielded some priceless gems. Focusing his research on sacred Jewish texts, he has unraveled some of the mysteries puzzling historians for centuries. One of these is how the Magi - Gentiles from a distant land - were among the first to find their way to the King of Kings in Bethlehem.

Christopher Crossan has degrees from University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), University of San Francisco, and Fuller Theological Seminary. He has studied ancient Greek and Hebrew, and is fluent in Turkish, German, and English.


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Having spent eight years in the Middle East (with two years in Mesopotamia), Christopher Crossan's study of ancient human history has yielded significant evidence of how today's human population of 7.6 billion may have descended from one family. 

Contrasting two models of humanity's origins - the Mesopotamia model and the Out-of-Africa model, he will address the question, Does classic Darwinism lead to white supremacy?

Cultural Diversity:

the Road to Social Change Lecture Series

Glendale Community College

May 10, 2018, Kreider Hall

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